Research Applications

Learn more about BD solutions, including flow cytometers, conjugated antibodies, software, and services that are designed to support the high quality and consistency needed for advanced discovery research.


BD Biosciences carries a comprehensive portfolio of reagents for the study of apoptosis, cell cycle, and cell proliferation in a variety of samples.

B-Cell Research

B cells remain an active area of research because perturbations in B-cell development or function are implicated in several disease states.

Bead-Based Immunoassays

An antibody-coated bead solution that captures analytes to quantify multiple proteins simultaneously.

Cell and Tissue Microscopy

Bioimaging reagents including antibodies, localization vectors, and calcium flux kits

Clinical Research

Products to support clinical research on the human immune system and help advance the standards of human care.

Dendritic Cell Research

BD continues to expand its instrument and reagent portfolio to enable the enrichment, sorting and analysis of dendritic cells and their different subsets by multicolor flow cytometry.

Intracellular Flow

Multiparametric analysis of cytokine, transcription factor, and phosphoprotein expression.

Multicolor Flow Cytometry

A comprehensive portfolio of conjugated antibodies is designed to help characterize cells through surface, intracellular, or secreted markers

Stem Cell Research

Characterize, analyze, and isolate stem cells and their derivatives using flow cytometry.

T-Cell Research

Tools and platforms for the study of CD4 T-cell differentiation and plasticity.

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