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Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer

Find fluorochromes for a multicolor experiment based on flow cytometer and compensation trade-offs.

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BD Horizon™ Guided Panel Solution (GPS)

A guided workflow to help streamline and standardize the panel design process.

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Absorption and Emission Spectra

View the range of emission and learn more about each fluorochrome in the BD product line.

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Multicolor Antibody Reagents Catalog

Choose from our extensive portfolio of high-quality fluorescent-conjugated reagents to build your multicolor panels.

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BD FACSelect™ Buffer Compatibility Resource

Navigate buffer choices to select the right combination for your intracellular and surface marker experiments.

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Example Human and Mouse Panels

Human Panels »
Human Small Size Panels »
Mouse Panels »
Mouse Small Size Panels »

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BD FACSDiva™ v6 Software eLearning Course

Learn to use BD FACSDiva v6 software with our free 6.5-hour online course.

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Intro to Flow eLearning Course

Learn the basics of flow cytometry with our free 2-hour online course.

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BD FACSDiva v6 Software

BD FACSDiva v6 software is a collection of rich tools for flow cytometer and application setup, data acquisition, and analysis.

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Application Notes and Technical Bulletins

Learn more about reagent selection and instrument setup with our application notes and technical bulletins.

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An online library of protocols, tools, and other resources that support cell analysis and culturing.

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