Clinical Discovery Research Reagents

BD Biosciences Clinical Discovery Research Reagents (CDRR) supply clinical researchers with a broad portfolio of tools to advance their clinical discovery.

Our recently expanded portfolio of antibodies and bright fluorescent dyes enables BD to offer a broad selection of standardized kits to advance your clinical discovery research needs.

If you have an idea for markers that you would like to standardize in a research panel, contact BD for the tools and support in your panel design to help accelerate the pace of discovery for your lab.


Dri TBNK+CD20 Dri Tumor

BD Horizon? Dri TBNK+CD20

Product - Dri TBNK CD20

BD Horizon™ Dri TBNK+CD20 is a dried reagent panel comprising the same conjugates that are in the BD Multitest™ 6-color TBNK reagent with the addition of CD20 V450.

Size: 5 Tests
Unit: EA (1 Each)
Price: $220

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Supporting Data

Figure 1. Flow cytometric analysis results

Figure 2. Absolute count of lymphocytes

Optional Compensation Reagents

  • Batch-matched compensation reagent CD4 PE-Cy7
  • Batch-matched compensation reagent CD8 APC-Cy7


Store tubes in their original foil pouch at 2-27°C. Do not freeze the reagent or expose it to direct light at any time during storage or incubation with cells. Once the pouch is opened, use the remaining tubes within one month (when stored as directed). Do not use reagents beyond the expiration date indicated on the label. CAUTION: Due to the moisture sensitivity of the reagent, ensure the pouch is immediately and completely resealed after removing a tube. Do not remove the desiccant from the reagent pouch.


Refer to our website or contact your local BD representative for the lyse/no-wash protocol for direct immunofluorescence. Use aseptic blood collected in EDTA (ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid) blood collection tubes.

  • Add 50 μl of well-mixed, anticoagulated whole blood in to the bottom of the air-dried reagent cocktail tube and mix to complete reconstitution by gentle pipetting/vortexing for four seconds. Incubate 15 minutes at room temperature. Protect from exposure to direct light.
  • Add 450 μl of 1X BD FACS™ lysing solution to the tube. Vortex to mix. Incubate for 15 minutes in the dark at room temperature.
  • The sample is analyzed on a flow cytometer with a setup optimized for antibody panels.


BD Horizon? Dri Tumor & Tissue Dissociation Reagent

TTDR - Vial Product Image

BD Horizon™ Dri Tumor & Tissue Dissociation Reagent – Gentle, effective dissociation of tissue and tumors for single cell studies.

BD’s new reagent has been designed to maximize cell yields and minimize cell death. The reagent maintains the heterogeneity and diversity of your sample to ensure you see more.
Size: 15 tests/kit (1 test/vial)
Unit: EA (1 each)
Price: $450

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Product Details

Each kit contains 15 single use vials. Each vial of BD Horizon™ Dri Tumor & Tissue Dissociation Reagent contains enough dried reagent to digest from 0.05-1.0 grams of tissue or tumor.

Supporting Data

Figure 1. Cell yield and viability

Figure 2. Epitope Preservation

Figure 3. Flow cytometry sample data

Figure 4. Genomic analysis


Store dry at 2-8°C. Reagent is stable for 12 months when stored as recommended. See vial label for expiration date.


Reconstitute the contents of one vial in 5 mL DMEM cell culture media to make a 2X stock; keep reconstituted reagent at 37°C until ready to process tissue or tumor sample. Do not use reagent any more than 30 minutes after reconstitution. Manually mince tissue or tumor sample in DMEM cell culture media and combine with 2X Tumor & Tissue Dissociation Reagent stock solution to achieve a 1X concentration. Incubate for 30 min at 37°C with gentle agitation (shaking water bath is best). The recommended sample size is from 0.05-1.0 grams of tissue or tumor. Refer to product insert for a detailed protocol.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Cy™ is a trademark of GE Healthcare. Cy™ dyes are subject to proprietary rights of GE Healthcare and Carnegie Mellon University, and are made and sold under license from GE Healthcare only for research and in vitro diagnostic use. Any other use requires a commercial sublicense from GE Healthcare, 800 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08855-1327, USA.

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